Tuesday, 30 August 2011

AASCF States 2011:

What a looooong weekend! But also totally fun :-D

I had Group Stunt (1min as many staunts as you can) first up & it was the debut of Sirens-Brisbane!! The girls looked totally hot & we had a blast! Warm up was solid, we had a few small misses but still managed to recover each stunt to push through the routine. Then at comp time we did a great try but did have to count a fall on a skill we normally hit (yes frustrating!) but didn't give up & still fought to the end. Have improved heaps since we started (at level 2) & managed to come 2nd! (out of 4). But still have lots of difficulity to add in for Finals in 2 weeks if we are gonna match or better that result. Still it was so fun to catch up with other group stunters from other clubs such as Brisbane Allstars, Mitchelton Magics, Zoo Athletics. Personally I think our bows rocked!!

Then was Pom for Mitchelton Magics Blue & White. They both did really good & had awesome facials but in such large divisions did not place top 3 (which was all that was announced).

Mitchelton Magics Blue (Lv 1) were up first for me & while they didn't have the best warm-up they went out there on the mat & did a very good job. So much tidier then warmup & solid stunts, except for the pyramid which didn't quite get up. But I was so proud!! They will have the pyramid in 2weeks for Finals :-)
Then White was up & they also did really well. Big improvement from last comp! Some of the tosses were HIGH!!! So can't wait to see the progress from them in 2 weeks either.

Then it was my turn to compete with my Splits NINJAS! (Lv 2). We didn't drop any flyers but did have a few bases get bumped & hit the ground. Our pyramid was a bit skew-if BUT my side actually got up & hit it solid which we never do so that was fantastic! Apparently the judges loved our tumblers technique... that's coz we're all ex-gymnasts! And out of 5 teams we managed 2nd!! There was only 12 in our team & the team that won had like 30 so I think we did pretty damn good! Now to try to upgrade a couple of little things in 2weeks for our last comp of the year- Finals. Now that comp I will be BUSY!!

So overall a very looong but enjoyable & pretty successful weekend. I loved catching up with all my cheer friends who I don't get to see that often. I was totally exhausted by the end of it. Being sick is not the ideal lead up at all as I was struggling by the end of my routines!! But hopefully will be a bit better before Finals.


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