Monday, 22 August 2011

Shake shake...

Shake shake shake it- but not in a good way!!

Yesterday I was so incredibly sick. I had vommitting, nasuea, fever, shallow breathing & the shakes. All because I reacted to the pain killer a doctor prescribed!!

See it all started when months ago I had a flyer fall on me in the head/neck area in a cheer stunt & my neck made a huge cracking noise. I hit the deck & got pins & needles down my arm. Only lasted about 5secs, after that shock as I was lying there I figured out I could still move so all was good. Kept training. (We're a tough bunch cheerleaders!) And it wasn't the 1st time I had hurt my neck in my cheer/gym career, I've had a few close calls as I'm sure all gymnasts/cheerleaders prob have. Anywho all was good it was sore for a few days as you'd expect but I kept working/training.

Then about a month later all in the same night a different flyer clocked her elbow into my head & I got a great lump on my forehead- quite impressive really but that didn't stop me as it didn't hurt. I didn't even know it was there till everyone kept pointing it out to me!
 A little while later that night we were working on a pyramid, a new one when the middle flyer fell & landed on yes you guessed it my head/neck area. I couldn't really protect myself this time either as I was holding my flyer up at the time so wall I could do in that split secend was tense up & wait for the impact. Now while it knocked me down for a minute or so & I'll admit this time it did hurt as I'm pretty sure it was her hipbone that cracked my neck foward I couldn't look weak for the team so up I got & kept going as all tough team leaders do. You can't show signs of weakness!

So that was about 5weeks ago now & ever since then it hasn't really been quite right. It was sore for a few days (again as you'd expect with a major hit) but it stiffened up & I lost full movement in it & have this constant dull ache there. Now another thing that may or may not be related is that I've been quite sick lately. The last 3 weeks or so. Not sick as in like yesterday sick but definatly not myself. I've been tired like ALL the time, lethargic, no energy even after I have a dose of choc! Anyone who knows me would know that I'm pretty much a hyperactive big kid! So this is very out of character for me. I just figured it was due to the fact I haven't been getting good nights sleep due to my neck & the pain associated with that but this doctor I went to had other thoughts....

Which brings me back to the pain killer. He suggested I take the prescribed medication & if I woke up feeling all fresh & more relaxed we'd know the lethargcy & no energy was indeed to do with my neck pain etc but if not well then I'm off for blood tests. So now that I've reacted to the medication and now feel WORSE plus I'm back to having the constant neck pain things are looking up! lol. So where things are at the moment is that I'm off to get my neck scanned (ultrasound) today & as i have a cheer comp (QLD States) this weekend I won't be able to see him until the following Sunday as he is only at this practise on a Sunday for bulk billing.

And to prove I do keep going even when I knocked around here's another lump I scored about 2 weeks ago from another stray elbow at cheer- also came up fast & is pretty impressive I think!
So anyways now I wait on results I guess....

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