Saturday, 20 August 2011

It Begins..

So it's a rainy Sunday & I didn't want to get out of bed so I needed an excuse to stay in bed.... start my blog! I'm not sure my life is exactly made for interesting reading but I know at least one person who will enjoy it ;-) (Queen Of Harpies this means YOU!)

So a bit about my life at the moment to help you understand my crazy life. I currently live with my housemates & their 'Zoo' of pets (which is heaps of fun) although I still crash at 'home' (my parents) some nights where all my 'Zoo' animals live! I also do a lot of housesitting taking care of other peoples 'Zoo' animals! So in short most weeks it feels like I live out of my car! Which I'm actually getting sick of...

My life is filled with cheer but not the kind you're prob thinking of! I coach/train in competitive cheerleading. I love it & my life does kind of revolve around it. I also coach gymnastics from Kindy kids through to competitive WAG. I currently have about 5 coaching jobs so I'm hoping to start my own cheerleading club by the end of the year so I can be my own boss & do things my way as I believe I am good at what I do & I love to see kids have fun, progress their skills/confidence & make lifelong friends through cheer just like I have done! Plus it will help to make my life a little bit less hectic when I only have say 2 places to travel for work compared to all over the shop!

So anyways that's a bit about where I'm at currently. Speaking of my life revolving around cheer... today's assignment is to cheograph a bit more of a Pom routine for my Primary School team & one of the 'Zoo' animals (a B&W foster cat) is going mental at my fingers as I type this so i think it's time to log off for today!

*\0/*  -Ali

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