Saturday, 22 October 2011


Or not so much...

So awhile ago I posted about my egg/black eye from of course cheer (River City). Then about 3 weeks later I recieved yet another egg (Splitz Ninjas) & now to complete the set I have yet another one (Mitchelton Silver). I think that this one is the best one of the lot! though!
What do you think? Check it out...


**UPDATE 23.10.11**
So now it's the day after & the actual 'egg' or bump bit has spread down right to my eye leaving me with a very pretty purple eye! Or 'black' as they say. Purple is one of my fav colours but in this case perhaps not so much! Again I'm pretty damn impressed with it though. My flyer did a good job!! It's still a bit tender.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A new direction-

So I've been really busy since my last post & thought it was finally time to update you all...

First of all my neck is a lot better but still has days where I'm in constant pain, least until I take my drugs! It's been nice to actually be able to have full night's of sleep most of the time. The only down side to taking the pain killers I'm on is that they make me drowsy/tired ALL THE TIME! So I'm usually yawning all the time but I'll take that over the pain. Thanks goodness for this new doctor :-)

Ok so current team/s updates... I'm still training with my NINJAS team even though we've finished competing for the year. I'll finish off with them for the Display/End Of Year break up days plus ASSASSINS are competing in Nationals (Lv 4 Group Stunt) in November.
Here is a photo of us from WCC Finals!
I'll also be competing in a level 2 & 3 group stunt routine for Nationals with Sirens Brisbane who I coach. Looking fwd to it- especially the Level 2 routine. I think we've come up with some cool tricks we now just have to practice & actually get them all in sequence! LOL.

I'm also back training with Mitchelton & LOVING IT like I did last time with them! I've always enjoyed my time on this squad but couldn't commit to them earlier this year as I had River City on Tues nights but now that I have finished up with them I can & we're also heading to Nationals. I don't stunt much in this routine as I joined late in the year & everyone already had their spots but I do a fair bit of tumbling & I'm really enjoying it. I forgot how much I miss tumbling & suprisingly my old knees are handling it not too bad, least for the moment so I'll keep plugging along. I've actually been entered in the "best tumbler" section at Nationals for level 2 (h/springs & flics type tumble) so I've been working on my pass that I want to compete. I'm not expecting to win (hell no) but I want to at least be competitive! I'll be up against kids that are like 15years younger then me so as long as I can still hold my own I'll be happy.

But the most exciting news is that I'm finally on the way to starting my own cheerleading club! It's what I've been wanting to do for YEARS but things kept stopping me everytime I got close, either lack of funds or lack of a venue, no free time etc etc. But this year with everything that's happened plus with everything that's happened over the last couple of years I'm just going for broke & doing it anyways. Even if it does send me broke literally at least I've given it 100% & I'm doing something I want to do, something that makes me happy. So it's quite scary but exciting all at the same time!! HAHA. I have soo much to learn but I'mlooking foward to when I can actually start classes. So for the moment I'm just doing things bit by bit as time allows. Even had some small equipment for my young classes that I want to run delivered and it was the highlight of my day!! I was rambling on about bean bags all day to my family- LOL. So from now on my blogging friends you'll prob get lots of updates on things as simple as me getting business cards, seems small & not noteworthy but to me it's AMAZING that it's all still happening!!

So thanks for reading my updates & I hope to have many more for you all!!

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Not so cheery...

So I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks. Honestly I have been having a bad time of it. Lots of things adding up on top of each other just became to much for me & I had a really rough couple of weeks. I don't want to go into details but I will mention that part of the problem is/was my ongoing neck injury but having been to my 3rd doctor (this time 1 I feel actually understands me) I think things are on their way to being sorted out. I have a LOT of medication I have to take so my body is learning to adjust to that but I think & hope things are looking up, at least for now.

 I had my final competitions competing for a couple of the teams I'm on & we did quite well so that was a nice way to finish up with them . My 'NINJAS' managed 1st place!! We finally nailed the pyramid (see photo) with all the transitions. Was a great routine & an awesome way to finish off the year with Ninjas. The other highlight of the day was my 'Spectacular Sam' stunt group came 2nd out of like 7 teams!! So that was a highly enjoyable way to finish off competing in that group as well. I also had good success on the coaching front with my Junior Blue team nailing their routine but didn't place as they are yet to have full difficulity & my Senior White team managed a win!! So all in all a pretty good comp!!

 But now it's school holidays so there's not much 'cheer' stuff happening except for me working on the upgrades of routines, Nationals routines & all other stuff that just keeps going!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Hero-

I was lucky enough to attend the Broncos last home game of the season yesterday @ Suncorp Stadium (aka Lang Park or "The Cauldron" although that term is more referenced for State Of Origin) with my housemate & friend Bec. It was awesome to be there to send off Locky in his last home & away game at the ground. He's been my favourite player since his debut in 1995 & to be part of the 50,859 people was awesome! To be able to say that I was part of the biggest home crowd for a Broncos game is fantastic. The game it's self was not of superior quality although there was moments but in the end we scraped ourselves to a win & that means we can be back next Sat night for a home FINAL!!

After the game the crowd was allowed onto the hallowed turf (which was super soft!). Now I found this strange as coming from a regular Lions season ticket holder where you are allowed onto the Gabba after just about every game (weather permitting) I thought it was odd people were getting so excited about this but apparently it doesn't happen very often for Suncorp Stadium. There was a presentation to the champion Locky after the game & a group photo taken which I'm sure in years to come will hang proudly on his wall or in his bar/pool room.

I could go on & on about how I feel about him & what he's achieved as he's done it all throughout his career but I'll just say this.....
He's not finished just yet....

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

AASCF States 2011:

What a looooong weekend! But also totally fun :-D

I had Group Stunt (1min as many staunts as you can) first up & it was the debut of Sirens-Brisbane!! The girls looked totally hot & we had a blast! Warm up was solid, we had a few small misses but still managed to recover each stunt to push through the routine. Then at comp time we did a great try but did have to count a fall on a skill we normally hit (yes frustrating!) but didn't give up & still fought to the end. Have improved heaps since we started (at level 2) & managed to come 2nd! (out of 4). But still have lots of difficulity to add in for Finals in 2 weeks if we are gonna match or better that result. Still it was so fun to catch up with other group stunters from other clubs such as Brisbane Allstars, Mitchelton Magics, Zoo Athletics. Personally I think our bows rocked!!

Then was Pom for Mitchelton Magics Blue & White. They both did really good & had awesome facials but in such large divisions did not place top 3 (which was all that was announced).

Mitchelton Magics Blue (Lv 1) were up first for me & while they didn't have the best warm-up they went out there on the mat & did a very good job. So much tidier then warmup & solid stunts, except for the pyramid which didn't quite get up. But I was so proud!! They will have the pyramid in 2weeks for Finals :-)
Then White was up & they also did really well. Big improvement from last comp! Some of the tosses were HIGH!!! So can't wait to see the progress from them in 2 weeks either.

Then it was my turn to compete with my Splits NINJAS! (Lv 2). We didn't drop any flyers but did have a few bases get bumped & hit the ground. Our pyramid was a bit skew-if BUT my side actually got up & hit it solid which we never do so that was fantastic! Apparently the judges loved our tumblers technique... that's coz we're all ex-gymnasts! And out of 5 teams we managed 2nd!! There was only 12 in our team & the team that won had like 30 so I think we did pretty damn good! Now to try to upgrade a couple of little things in 2weeks for our last comp of the year- Finals. Now that comp I will be BUSY!!

So overall a very looong but enjoyable & pretty successful weekend. I loved catching up with all my cheer friends who I don't get to see that often. I was totally exhausted by the end of it. Being sick is not the ideal lead up at all as I was struggling by the end of my routines!! But hopefully will be a bit better before Finals.


Thursday, 25 August 2011

Not much to report...

Except that I had my blood taken for my blood tests today. I'm ok with needles but tell you what it did sting a little on the way back out. Left a nice bruise there for today at least! Unfortunatly now all I can do is wait for the results to come in. I'm still getting dizzy spells which is very frustrating coz it interferes with coaching, interferes with training.. next it will happen while I'm driving! My neck pain is back- yippee but no matter how sore it gets I am NOT taking those painkillers again!

Other then that there really isn't much to say..... I have Cheer States on the weekend. It's my 2nd last comp ever of competing in the Cheer section as I'm retiring at the end of the season so that's a bit sad. Normally I'd be bouncing off the walls ready to take down the competition, I'd be planning what tumbles I am going to do. This time I'm just wondering how I'll make it through 2mins 30 of 110% effort without throwing up or fainting at the end. At this stage I'm still going to do all my tumbles but we'll see, might have to water down the double flic to just a single......

I'll have a full report for you all next week & hopefully with photos :-)
Oh and the weirdest coincidence... when I went to get my CT neck scan the lady behind the counter was checking my details and she doubled checked my address. I said "Yes that's right". She asked me if I was sure.. I gave her a puzzled look as I'm pretty sure despite being clocked in the head/neck a lot lately I can still remember where I live!! So I replied again "Yes that's it" to which she replied- "That's where I use to live!" :-O I find that both amusing & weird! My parents bought that house a few years before I was born so I guess I've never really thought of it ever being someone else's house, it's always been MY house! So that was quite interesting. We chatted about it & the new modifications, how it fared in the floods etc. What a small world sometimes.....

Monday, 22 August 2011

Shake shake...

Shake shake shake it- but not in a good way!!

Yesterday I was so incredibly sick. I had vommitting, nasuea, fever, shallow breathing & the shakes. All because I reacted to the pain killer a doctor prescribed!!

See it all started when months ago I had a flyer fall on me in the head/neck area in a cheer stunt & my neck made a huge cracking noise. I hit the deck & got pins & needles down my arm. Only lasted about 5secs, after that shock as I was lying there I figured out I could still move so all was good. Kept training. (We're a tough bunch cheerleaders!) And it wasn't the 1st time I had hurt my neck in my cheer/gym career, I've had a few close calls as I'm sure all gymnasts/cheerleaders prob have. Anywho all was good it was sore for a few days as you'd expect but I kept working/training.

Then about a month later all in the same night a different flyer clocked her elbow into my head & I got a great lump on my forehead- quite impressive really but that didn't stop me as it didn't hurt. I didn't even know it was there till everyone kept pointing it out to me!
 A little while later that night we were working on a pyramid, a new one when the middle flyer fell & landed on yes you guessed it my head/neck area. I couldn't really protect myself this time either as I was holding my flyer up at the time so wall I could do in that split secend was tense up & wait for the impact. Now while it knocked me down for a minute or so & I'll admit this time it did hurt as I'm pretty sure it was her hipbone that cracked my neck foward I couldn't look weak for the team so up I got & kept going as all tough team leaders do. You can't show signs of weakness!

So that was about 5weeks ago now & ever since then it hasn't really been quite right. It was sore for a few days (again as you'd expect with a major hit) but it stiffened up & I lost full movement in it & have this constant dull ache there. Now another thing that may or may not be related is that I've been quite sick lately. The last 3 weeks or so. Not sick as in like yesterday sick but definatly not myself. I've been tired like ALL the time, lethargic, no energy even after I have a dose of choc! Anyone who knows me would know that I'm pretty much a hyperactive big kid! So this is very out of character for me. I just figured it was due to the fact I haven't been getting good nights sleep due to my neck & the pain associated with that but this doctor I went to had other thoughts....

Which brings me back to the pain killer. He suggested I take the prescribed medication & if I woke up feeling all fresh & more relaxed we'd know the lethargcy & no energy was indeed to do with my neck pain etc but if not well then I'm off for blood tests. So now that I've reacted to the medication and now feel WORSE plus I'm back to having the constant neck pain things are looking up! lol. So where things are at the moment is that I'm off to get my neck scanned (ultrasound) today & as i have a cheer comp (QLD States) this weekend I won't be able to see him until the following Sunday as he is only at this practise on a Sunday for bulk billing.

And to prove I do keep going even when I knocked around here's another lump I scored about 2 weeks ago from another stray elbow at cheer- also came up fast & is pretty impressive I think!
So anyways now I wait on results I guess....

Saturday, 20 August 2011

It Begins..

So it's a rainy Sunday & I didn't want to get out of bed so I needed an excuse to stay in bed.... start my blog! I'm not sure my life is exactly made for interesting reading but I know at least one person who will enjoy it ;-) (Queen Of Harpies this means YOU!)

So a bit about my life at the moment to help you understand my crazy life. I currently live with my housemates & their 'Zoo' of pets (which is heaps of fun) although I still crash at 'home' (my parents) some nights where all my 'Zoo' animals live! I also do a lot of housesitting taking care of other peoples 'Zoo' animals! So in short most weeks it feels like I live out of my car! Which I'm actually getting sick of...

My life is filled with cheer but not the kind you're prob thinking of! I coach/train in competitive cheerleading. I love it & my life does kind of revolve around it. I also coach gymnastics from Kindy kids through to competitive WAG. I currently have about 5 coaching jobs so I'm hoping to start my own cheerleading club by the end of the year so I can be my own boss & do things my way as I believe I am good at what I do & I love to see kids have fun, progress their skills/confidence & make lifelong friends through cheer just like I have done! Plus it will help to make my life a little bit less hectic when I only have say 2 places to travel for work compared to all over the shop!

So anyways that's a bit about where I'm at currently. Speaking of my life revolving around cheer... today's assignment is to cheograph a bit more of a Pom routine for my Primary School team & one of the 'Zoo' animals (a B&W foster cat) is going mental at my fingers as I type this so i think it's time to log off for today!

*\0/*  -Ali