Saturday, 22 October 2011


Or not so much...

So awhile ago I posted about my egg/black eye from of course cheer (River City). Then about 3 weeks later I recieved yet another egg (Splitz Ninjas) & now to complete the set I have yet another one (Mitchelton Silver). I think that this one is the best one of the lot! though!
What do you think? Check it out...


**UPDATE 23.10.11**
So now it's the day after & the actual 'egg' or bump bit has spread down right to my eye leaving me with a very pretty purple eye! Or 'black' as they say. Purple is one of my fav colours but in this case perhaps not so much! Again I'm pretty damn impressed with it though. My flyer did a good job!! It's still a bit tender.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

A new direction-

So I've been really busy since my last post & thought it was finally time to update you all...

First of all my neck is a lot better but still has days where I'm in constant pain, least until I take my drugs! It's been nice to actually be able to have full night's of sleep most of the time. The only down side to taking the pain killers I'm on is that they make me drowsy/tired ALL THE TIME! So I'm usually yawning all the time but I'll take that over the pain. Thanks goodness for this new doctor :-)

Ok so current team/s updates... I'm still training with my NINJAS team even though we've finished competing for the year. I'll finish off with them for the Display/End Of Year break up days plus ASSASSINS are competing in Nationals (Lv 4 Group Stunt) in November.
Here is a photo of us from WCC Finals!
I'll also be competing in a level 2 & 3 group stunt routine for Nationals with Sirens Brisbane who I coach. Looking fwd to it- especially the Level 2 routine. I think we've come up with some cool tricks we now just have to practice & actually get them all in sequence! LOL.

I'm also back training with Mitchelton & LOVING IT like I did last time with them! I've always enjoyed my time on this squad but couldn't commit to them earlier this year as I had River City on Tues nights but now that I have finished up with them I can & we're also heading to Nationals. I don't stunt much in this routine as I joined late in the year & everyone already had their spots but I do a fair bit of tumbling & I'm really enjoying it. I forgot how much I miss tumbling & suprisingly my old knees are handling it not too bad, least for the moment so I'll keep plugging along. I've actually been entered in the "best tumbler" section at Nationals for level 2 (h/springs & flics type tumble) so I've been working on my pass that I want to compete. I'm not expecting to win (hell no) but I want to at least be competitive! I'll be up against kids that are like 15years younger then me so as long as I can still hold my own I'll be happy.

But the most exciting news is that I'm finally on the way to starting my own cheerleading club! It's what I've been wanting to do for YEARS but things kept stopping me everytime I got close, either lack of funds or lack of a venue, no free time etc etc. But this year with everything that's happened plus with everything that's happened over the last couple of years I'm just going for broke & doing it anyways. Even if it does send me broke literally at least I've given it 100% & I'm doing something I want to do, something that makes me happy. So it's quite scary but exciting all at the same time!! HAHA. I have soo much to learn but I'mlooking foward to when I can actually start classes. So for the moment I'm just doing things bit by bit as time allows. Even had some small equipment for my young classes that I want to run delivered and it was the highlight of my day!! I was rambling on about bean bags all day to my family- LOL. So from now on my blogging friends you'll prob get lots of updates on things as simple as me getting business cards, seems small & not noteworthy but to me it's AMAZING that it's all still happening!!

So thanks for reading my updates & I hope to have many more for you all!!