Sunday, 25 November 2012

Planning, planning, planning...

So while I'm happy with how things went for our first few months at SEA I have lots of goals & improvements to make if I'm going to make 2013 a successful year. Mainly ADVERTISING! That's my goal for this week. Get the word out there to all the local schools about our holiday sessions/workshops & about tryouts in 2013. I'm just hoping it doesn't cost me an arm & a leg to advertise in local school newsletters but I've got a feeling it will. Over the holidays will hit up all the local Childcare centres about Kindercheer classes for 2013 & hopefully generate some interest for that. Need to really fill all my classes next year so fingers crossed,

Will keep you posted!
-Ali *\0/* 💫

Monday, 19 November 2012

Welcome Back To The Blogsphere

Heeeellloo! I'm finally back. Haven't blogged in like for ever, like really look at the last date! But now that I have an iPad (finally) I'm finding it easier as I can blog all over the shop & don't have to have my laptop with me so stick with me & we'll share some adventures together!!

I'm still coaching at various places and have NOT retired from competing.. just can't help myself & looks like I'll be going around for another year in 2013! Haha. So be prepared for LOTS of cheer updates but you should be expecting that as it is....

-Ali *\0/*