Saturday, 24 September 2011

Not so cheery...

So I haven't blogged for a couple of weeks. Honestly I have been having a bad time of it. Lots of things adding up on top of each other just became to much for me & I had a really rough couple of weeks. I don't want to go into details but I will mention that part of the problem is/was my ongoing neck injury but having been to my 3rd doctor (this time 1 I feel actually understands me) I think things are on their way to being sorted out. I have a LOT of medication I have to take so my body is learning to adjust to that but I think & hope things are looking up, at least for now.

 I had my final competitions competing for a couple of the teams I'm on & we did quite well so that was a nice way to finish up with them . My 'NINJAS' managed 1st place!! We finally nailed the pyramid (see photo) with all the transitions. Was a great routine & an awesome way to finish off the year with Ninjas. The other highlight of the day was my 'Spectacular Sam' stunt group came 2nd out of like 7 teams!! So that was a highly enjoyable way to finish off competing in that group as well. I also had good success on the coaching front with my Junior Blue team nailing their routine but didn't place as they are yet to have full difficulity & my Senior White team managed a win!! So all in all a pretty good comp!!

 But now it's school holidays so there's not much 'cheer' stuff happening except for me working on the upgrades of routines, Nationals routines & all other stuff that just keeps going!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

My Hero-

I was lucky enough to attend the Broncos last home game of the season yesterday @ Suncorp Stadium (aka Lang Park or "The Cauldron" although that term is more referenced for State Of Origin) with my housemate & friend Bec. It was awesome to be there to send off Locky in his last home & away game at the ground. He's been my favourite player since his debut in 1995 & to be part of the 50,859 people was awesome! To be able to say that I was part of the biggest home crowd for a Broncos game is fantastic. The game it's self was not of superior quality although there was moments but in the end we scraped ourselves to a win & that means we can be back next Sat night for a home FINAL!!

After the game the crowd was allowed onto the hallowed turf (which was super soft!). Now I found this strange as coming from a regular Lions season ticket holder where you are allowed onto the Gabba after just about every game (weather permitting) I thought it was odd people were getting so excited about this but apparently it doesn't happen very often for Suncorp Stadium. There was a presentation to the champion Locky after the game & a group photo taken which I'm sure in years to come will hang proudly on his wall or in his bar/pool room.

I could go on & on about how I feel about him & what he's achieved as he's done it all throughout his career but I'll just say this.....
He's not finished just yet....